Augmented Piano Quintet Kaan Bulak

© Erich Sommer

© Erich Sommer

Augmented Piano Quintet

Composition, augmented piano performance.

Kaan Bulak's electroacoustic chamber piece consists of a single movement. Moving between baroque polyphony, tonal and modal clusters, and electronic piano articulations - the piece is a sonic and harmonic experience. The cadenza is notated, however preferably improvised by the pianist. This was the first time that the prototype of a 360° speaker for concert halls was succesfully tested. The Augmented Piano Speaker was built by Martion and co-designed by Bulak.


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Moritz Ter-Nedden (violin), Nora Schwarzberg (viola), Simone Drescher (cello), Kristina Edin (doublebass)
August, 18th 2018, Podium, Kloster Bebenhausen

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