Cover © Kaan Bulak // Photography © Nino Halm

Hain I / II
for string quartet and electronics

Arrangement and live electronics performance.
Commissioned by Classical Beat Festival.

On contrary to the original piece with church organ, Classical Beat Festival ordered a version arranged in chamber music setting for string quartet and electronics. In 2018 Bulak finalised a reworked score and played electroacoustically with Rothko String Quartet at a former crematorium. This live performance has been released on Feral Note.

In concert:

Moritz Ter-Nedden, Elfa Run, Nora Schwarzberg, Simone Drescher
August, 17th 2018, Podium, Kloster Bebenhausen
Rothko String Quartet
February, 28th 2018, Silent Green, Berlin
DeLia Quartet
June, 4th 2017, Hanse Museum, Lübeck
June, 2nd 2017, Gollan Werft, Lübeck
May, 31st 2017, Strandclub, Timmendorfer Strand


DeLia Quartet
May, 30th 2017, Campus Center, Lübeck

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