© George Osodi / © Katharina von Schroeder

George Osodi - Kings of Nigeria

Composition and production of original soundtrack.
Short documentary film by Katharina von Schroeder.
Produced by Al Jazeera Artscape.


May. 8th 2013, Al Jazeera

KubusProject type

ImpromptuProject type

Hain I / IIProject type

Orgelwerk IIProject type

Cello DuetProject type

Little Kicks EPProject type

Sacre ImproProject type

Orgelwerk IProject type

Kara FasılProject type

Koma EPProject type

Pure EPProject type

1840 EPProject type

Hungertuch von Dao ZiProject type

We Were RebelsProject type

Kings of NigeriaProject type

The Red DressProject type

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