Little Kicks EP Kaan Bulak

© Kaan Bulak

Little Kicks EP

Composition and production.
Featuring artists: Adrien Boisseau, Julien Quentin

Experimental / deep house record on Contexterrior Records.[digital]

Beginning with layers of rhythms and delving into deep harmonies, the title track Little Kicks is a composed musical experience, suitable for a club as well as headphones. At any given point there is a dialog: be it the snare talking to its modulated shadow, the organ synth to its distorted delay or the two guitars moving harmonies each their own way. For recording the following trackHide The Glow Bulak had a click on headphones and led violist Adrien Boisseau rhythmically at the grand piano, so the viola could gain full freedom without a limiting beat. Boisseau pushed boundaries in sound and expression, providing a gold mine for sampling and stretches of performance that made it unedited into the piece. In The Salon gets lost in Julien Quentin’s articulations at the piano and extends the traditional idea of what a piano phrase is - all of this sitting atop heavy rhythmic elements. The title is an ode to creative spaces in Berlin; from Piano Salon Christophori where Quentin and Bulak met to Salon zur Wilden Renate where Bulak produced most of the track. The closing track Not So Common Sense explores in its rather apocalyptic first half extensions of the common four-four groove by using nine-four bars. Dissolving into a square rhythm but lacking percussive elements, the record comes to a peaceful end. Its name and concept is inspired by Voltaire: «Le sens commun n'est pas si commun.» Little Kicks EP stays at a healthy distance to overused commonalities of clubs and the strictness of classical music while appreciating the strength of beats.


August, 27th 2018, Contexterrior Records (digital)

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