Orgelwerk I Kaan Bulak

© Bayerischer Rundfunk

Orgelwerk I
for church organ and electronics

Composition and live electronics performance.
Commissioned by Bayerischer Rundfunk for Podium Festival.

Orgelwerk I, which consists of two movements called Hain I and Hain II, is my first piece including a church organ and it became the melting pot of my symphonic, sacred and electronic influences. Writing for an instrument of such a scale accompanied by massive speakers expanded my understanding of what a musical instrument is. The whole building resonates in the grand crescendo of the first movement. Oriental melodies of the second movement are first heard displaced from the rest of the organ through remote pipes above the audience, appearing through a long but even hall. These kinds of performative possibilities gave Hain I / II a temporary architectural touch, playing with space and turning it into an instrument. In this piece, I also chose to mix musical elements of various roots. Messiaen’s modes are used in an oriental sense, a solo elegy is registered like an orchestral dialogue, and a commonly square techno beat appears in seven-eight rhythm pushing a Brucknerian buildup. On the electronic side of instrumentation I control filter and echo parameters live, reacting to the sonic space and adjusting recordings of my synthesizers. Most importantly, I learned letting the queen of instruments speak and evolve by keeping electronic instruments back, like a framework around a precious painting.

Premiere Orgelwerk I


Peter Schleicher
May, 12th 2017, Stadtkirche St. Dionys, Esslingen

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